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15' 48"

Coleção da artista

Visual artist, photographer and video maker, Aline Motta gathers documentary files with audiovisual materials and, through them, investigates her origins and her relationship with black and African ancestry. At the Biennial 12, two works by Aline are presented. Her visual and poetic book, Escravos de Jó (Slaves of Job), 2016 resumes the well-known circle game and popular song with phrases from the Book of Job, from the Bible. Through the sentences, the artist refers to Brazilian slavery. The images and texts printed on a semitransparent paper address the visual concrete poem, with an emancipatory and non-colonial sense. In the video (Outros) Fundamentos (Other) Principles (2019), she mixes the visual file collected during her research residency in Nigeria, to the file telling the history of slavery in the coffee region of the Paraíba Valley. In the film, Aline relates Lagos to Cachoeira and Baia de Guanabara. The trip, as she tells, led her to a feeling of strangeness and not belonging. It is about an idea of continuity (exposed by the water) and disruption (indicated by mirrors). It is also about the damage that slavery caused in Brazil, a wound whose healing is not possible without adequate policies. In the film, the artist merges the personal, the familiar, and the collective. Migrations, diasporas, and memory are central words to face this film that, through its images and texts, guides us towards a poetic and political journey.

Aline Motta

Aline Motta


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