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Psicanálise do cafuné: sobre remendos, afetos e territórios


Costura, bordado, tecido em malha, algodão e renda

120 x 50 cm

Coleção da artista

Janaina Barros is a visual artist, an arts educator and an academic researcher, whose research encompasses the creation of objects by sewing, embroidering and performing. While her objects reveal an attention to the black private and domestic domain, her performances emphasize considerations on the black female subject, and the tensions and exotifications created by its presence in the public space. In the Psicanálise do cafuné: catinga de mulata (2017) and Psicanálise do cafuné: sobre remendos, afetos e territórios (2016-2019) series, Barros conducts us to an inner, feminine and black space, and invites us to consider some issues: How can we think about affections in relation to a population living in a permanent terror and violence status? How can we cross the impacts caused by these colonial violence naturalization, and veil/reveal contemporary epistemicide and implementation technologies of these violence? How can we activate our memory as a key to reconstruct collective narratives, as a resistance strategy? What are the specific learning methods, traditions and epistemologies of black families? How can we go back to our book of black recipes and dive into our ancestral knowledge: in herbal baths, in prayers for all evils and in charms to find love?

Janaina Barros

Janaina Barros


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