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The Education Program bolsters ties with institutions and teachers through several actions sustained by the participation and involvement of these groups, with the common goal of producing and reflecting on related issues.

Teacher Trainning

At each edition of the Mercosul Biennial, the Education Program stages a series of meetings aimed at and developed for teachers and educators. These meeting are aimed not only at instruction on subjects, manifestation and the curatorial proposal of the Mercosul Biennial underway, but also a joint reflection on the resources that encompass educational work both inside the classroom and out of it, and their possibilities for analyses.

residence at schools

Besides the meetings for teachers and educators, the Mercosul Biennial Foundation’s education program hosts an action as part of the Mediator Formation program at each edition of the Mercosul Biennial, entitled “Residencies at Schools”. This activity is chiefly aimed at providing incentive for construction, collaboration and exchange among mediators, teachers and students, prior to and independent of the group visits to the Mercosul Biennial exhibition. Further, residencies are an important action in building knowledge horizontally between mediators and teachers, based on their professional particularities and cultural expertise.


The Mercosul Biennial provides free transport for schools, NGOs and welfare entities visiting the Mercosul Biennial exhibition. This transport can be scheduled via the Reservations Center, available at each edition of the Mercosul Biennial. Booking is subject to meeting specific conditions in order to benefit a larger number of groups and institutions. More information is available via telephone and/or e-mail, which will be provided for each edition of the Mercosul Biennial.

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