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13th MERCOSUL BIENNIAL 2022 CURATOR - Marcello Dantas

Marcello Dantas is an award-winning multi-disciplinary curator, who has worked widely

across Brazil and abroad. He works on the boundary between art and technology, producing

exhibitions and museum and multifaceted projects that aim to produce immersive multi-

sensory experiences.


Marcello Dantas has been behind the design of several museums, including

the Museum of the Portuguese Language and the Japan House, in São Paulo, the Museum

of American Man and the Museum of Nature, in Piauí, and the Museum of the Caribbean, in

Colombia. He has curated exhibitions by renowned foreign artists such as Ai Weiwei, Anish

Kapoor, Jenny Holzer, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Peter Greenaway, Rebecca Horn, Bill Viola

and Laurie Anderson. He was also the artistic director of the Brazilian Pavilion at Expo

Shanghai 2010, the Brazilian Pavilion at Rio+20, at the Pelé Station, in Berlin, at the 2006

World Cup and has been the curator of the Vancouver Biennial since 2014.

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