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With the objective of offering an experience in art and new technologies, the 13th Bienal do Mercosul publicizes the 20 artists and collectives selected in the Open Call. The chosen projects explore and investigate new technologies, languages and materials, as well as review traditional knowledge and techniques. The works, which will be developed over a period of six months, will be presented at the Transe exhibition, which will be installed at the Caldeira Institute and will be part of the Mercosul Biennial in 2022.​​


This is the first time that the Mercosul Biennial has made a public notice that expands the participation of artists. The projects were selected by curator Marcello Dantas and assistant curators Laura Cattani, Munir Klamt, Tarsila Riso and Carollina Lauriano.  The Open Call received more than 880 proposals from 22 countries , including Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Slovenia, Germany, among others.

Of the 20 projects selected , 15 are Brazilian and another five are from nationalities such as Uruguay, Peru, Germany, Bolivia, the United States and Spain. The selection process consisted of an anonymous evaluation of all proposals received that met the criteria of the notice, resulting in a list of more than one hundred projects. A second analysis involved reading portfolios and a series of interviews with the finalist artists.

“We created a real community, with an incredible number of participants and projects coming from different places. And this is the spirit of the 13th Mercosul Biennial, an inclusive and disruptive exhibition”, declares the president of the Carmen Ferrão Biennial Foundation.

According to curator Marcello Dantas, “beyond  of the high quality of the proposals presented, the surprise was also to find researches that relate art, biology and organic elements that proved to be consistent and quite innovative”.



Check out the list of artists selected in the Open Call

Biosound Sculpture Group – Brasil e Espanha

Bruno Borne – Brasil

Cesar & Lois – Brasil e Estados Unidos

Craca - Brasil

Elias Maroso - Brasil

Esfincter - Peru

Estela Sokol - Brasil

Fernando Sicco - Uruguai

Franco Callegari - Argentina

Gabriela Mureb - Brasil

Guto Nóbrega - Brasil

Ivan Cáceres - Bolívia

Leandra Espírito Santo - Brasil

Lucas de Sordi - Brasil

Nati Canto - Brasil

Nídia Aranha - Brasil

Pedro Carneiro - Brasil

Pierre Fonseca - Brasil

Poema Mühlenberg - Brasil

Vítor Mizael – Brasil

The selected projects will be monitored by the curator and assistant curators Laura Cattani and Munir Klamt and will take place in two stages: project development and execution of artistic proposals. In addition to the conceptual follow-up with mentoring, participants will also be offered technical support for the projects through partner entities, which will make their laboratories, materials and equipment available to the artists.

Fotos: Alexandre Raupp 

Instituto Caldeira

Instituto Caldeira is one of the main symbols of the movement for innovation and entrepreneurship in Rio Grande do Sul. Officially founded in 2019 by 40 large companies, it is located in the 4th District of Porto Alegre, in the facility where, in the 1920s, the old manufacturing industry of the AJ Renner group.
The goal is to house 60 operations by May 2021, between large corporations, startups and initiatives related to the new economy, connecting agents from the private sector, universities and public authorities.

The space of 22 thousand square meters, through which 1.3 thousand people should circulate in the coming years, is already a meeting point for anyone who is passionate about the idea of a more competitive and innovative Rio Grande do Sul.

Read more about Instituto Caldeira:


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