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Techo de leche y tierra


93 varas de terra e leite

140 x 500 cm

Coleção da artista

Techo de leche y tierra (Milk and Soil Ceiling) is a delicate and monumental installation assembled over the viewer’s height, by artist Juliana Góngora at Biennial 12. The artist researched the process of turning liquid milk into a solid yarn with which it is possible to knit. The project was born from a tale by Marguerite Yourcenar, La leche de la muerte (The milk of death), about a buried woman whose milk continues to sprout to feed her son. Or from Hera's story, that would have created the Milky Way by the spattering of her breast milk. Juliana physically and intuitively investigated how to translate these stories into a real dimension by converting milk into fiber. She extracted the milk’s casein, added lime, and soil to form a mass combined with earth and modeled by hands. The yarn came after an experiment of two years, first in the laboratory and after in her home kitchen, where she watched carefully and emotionality, the milk always different, and extremely permeable to its surrounding environment. The yarn has an elastic and almost translucent appearance. Techo de leche y tierra (Milk and soil ceiling) embraces the bodies that circulate beneath its space.

Juliana Góngora

Juliana Góngora


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